The Smart Drop Cloth Replacement

The Drop-N-Flop is the perfect time-saving alternative to a messy, awkward, and dangerous drop cloth.

Drop-N-Flop is easy on your feet and back

Why Choose Drop-N-Flop


Drop-N-Flop protects your hardwood floors

Drop-N-Flop prevents damage to your floors from falling tools like hammers and screwdrivers. 

Painting tarps don’t protect your wood!


Lightweight & Foldable


Drop-N-Flop is better than a conventional drop cloth


Can you Use a Dro-N-Flop?


How Does Drop-N-Flop Work?

Setting Up Drop-N-Flop

Unfold it, Drop-N-Flop it below your work area, adjust it to seal to the wall and corners and get started.  No taping required.

Stowing Drop-N-Flop

When the job's done, just collapse to store.

It’s Really That Easy!


I own a painting and renovation company in Annapolis, MD. I gave each of my seven crews a Drop-N-Flop and it is the perfect product. It is easier to set up and break down then a traditional drop cloth and protects flooring way better.

The gasket edge keeps dust, drips and debris off the floor and makes clean up a breeze. Easy to store and love that we can connect them for large projects. A must have for any DIYer or home professional!

Will S.

My wife and I remodeled our home and used the Drop-N-Flop for a number of projects. It is much more convenient than taping saving us time, and it doesn’t move or get tangled like standard drop cloths.

Since we’re DIYers, we are extra cautious of the work we’ve done. The gasket worked exceptionally well and provided peace of mind due to its ability to catch drips and debris protecting our new floors.
It truly made the projects from start to finish faster and more convenient.

Zane T.

I had a 3ft x 3ft section of wall to repaint after doing drywall repair. I didn’t really think I would need floor protection for such a small paint job, but since the Drop-N-Flop is convenient I figured better safe than sorry.

After the job was done I thought I had been very careful, but sure enough I had paint splatter that was caught by the Drop-N-Flop.
I am very glad I used it.

Michael G.

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