Frequently Asked Questions about Drop-N-Flop

Q. Can you change the side the corner seal is on?

A. Yes, the Drop-N-Flop is reconfigurable.


Q. Does the Drop-N-Flop need cleaning?

A. The Drop-N-Flop is absorbent and designed to hold spills and splatter.  It is recommended that large spills puddled on the Drop-N-Flop are wiped off.  The Drop-N-Flop can also be hosed off.


Q. Are there larger models of Drop-N-Flop?

A. Drop-N-Flop is designed so that you can combine numerous systems to make a larger coverage area.


Q. How big is a Drop-N-Flop system?

A. Each mat in the Drop-N-Flop is 24” x 24”  combining for a total open size of 72”x 24”


Q. How much does a Drop-N-Flop weigh?

A. About 3 pounds.


Q. What if I am painting a small closet and the Drop-N-Flop is too big to fit?

A. The Hook and Loop hinges easily detach so you can make the system fit smaller areas.


Q. Is the Drop-N-Flop useful for other activities?

A. Most Definitely!  Flop-N-Drop can be used in any situation where the floor needs protecting, or for kneeling or laying comfort.