The Drop-n-Flop System was designed as an upgrade replacement for drop cloths in commercial and home improvement projects. The Drop-N-Flop System safeguards your floors during interior projects such as painting, spackling, dry wall and carpentry.  Drop-n-Flop’s unique design makes deployment and clean up easy and fast, making it perfect for quick touch ups, as well as major jobs. 

While light weight and collapsible for quick single person use, the rigid design ensures that our patented gasket system seals securely with your wall, protecting your floor from paint splatter, dust and debris.  The wall gasket design now eliminates the need for taping sheets to the wall. 

The padded cushion design also protects your floor from dropped tools; it’s easy on your knees as well. Modular hook and loop design also give the system the ability to be reconfigured or added pieces to handle larger projects.  Drop-N-Flop lays completely flat so there is no more worry of tripping over bunched up cloths.