Painting Tips

  • 3 Ways to Win More Commercial and Residential Painting Contracts

    There are three basic rules to follow that can help you create a successful commercial painting company. Know them and you will improve your chances of winning more contracts.
  • We’ve Made Home Improvement Projects Easier

    The Drop-N-Flop is a smart drop cloth replacement for homeowners in need of a quick and easy floor protection solution. Its rigid design and patented gasket system seals securely to your wall to safeguard your floor during your interior design project.
  • Is High Quality Paint Really Worth the Price?

    Many homeowners wonder, “is quality paint really worth the price?” The answer is yes.

    A high-quality paint offers a greater concentration of fine pigments and high-grade resins. This provides a more durable, even color finish. When it comes to paint and the beauty of your home investment, you absolutely get what you pay for.

  • Top Tips for Wall Painting

    With any painting project there is a fair amount of preparation, skill and common sense you need to do the job. To help you get started and also guide you through your paint job, we’re prepared this list of tips of the trade.